Brush his teeth and gums with a wire barbecue brush.

If Robert became fussy when it was time to brush his teeth, Smith said, Brittle would force the child’s mouth open and brush his teeth and gums with a wire barbecue brush.

The child was beaten with a belt, kicked, hit, and held up by the sides of his head and shaken after he refused to eat his dinner that night,

Killed the two year old boy and he got forty years.
I say hold him down and brush his teeth with electric sander.
Hold him down and give him a enima with gasoline. 
Bury him to his neck and cover his head in jelly and drop some red fire ants near him.

How can people be so friggin horrible.

2013 Honda CR-V EX-L FWD Used

I normally don't do this but I am looking to buy a used 2012 2013 Honda CRV EXL black on black. The best selling SUV could have navigation or not. It can also have AWD all wheel drive or not. I am interested in a low mileage under 35,000 miles with no accidents on its history.

In Atlanta Georgia this vehicle with the specifications that I am looking for are offered by dealers at about $19,889.00 to $23,000.00.

I use cargurus and a couple other cell phone apps to alert me at the lowest price in Atlanta with exactly what I am looking for. 

Once you click the vehicle in the app on your cell or laptop you have the option to see more about the vehicle. Doing this another tab is available which is price history. In Atlanta and surrounding area's and I now feel sure all over the United States the following will be revealed. The selling dealer raises and lowers the price all the time. In my situation it has been done twice. The price went up $1400.00 hours before I arrived at the dealership. Two days later it dropped again $1500.00. The first time it dropped I was there on the property with hours and was informed it had sold. The next time the price had risen up $1400.00. they explained to me I was nuts. This exact vehicle VIN number matches has been on the same lot in Duluth GA for 268 days. That is crap. 

Now looking at the price history I can see they dropped the price well below market brought in the buyers then a jacked that puppy up above market. This actually is bait and switch. Looking that term on the internet will give you this definition. the action (generally illegal) of advertising goods that are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods.
"a bait-and-switch scheme"

Anyway If you are in the southern part of the United States well for what you'll save anywhere in the United States. I would like you to visit this website and look at the prices. The prices are awesome but you need to listen and watch their video's.  The price listed plus. This dealer charges Florida tax which is 6%. They also will charge a portion of your state tax which is 2.5%. lastly they charge $175.00 transfer fee. That is it. No transportation fees. No dealer fees.  Pay for the vehicle and drive home. I believe this one post will hurt the Atlanta used car business and increase whom I am telling you about. I am only doing this because I am pissed off at this dealership which I will not name. All used vehicle buyers in the Southern States will be excited to see this and well stop the madness. These people are not paying me for this and I will post on this blog how it went when the vehicle I want in in my garage. thank you  Click Here

Donald Trump Vs GOP

My personal thinking is we want a those in politics to be honest and really try their best to make most of the people happy. I've thought over the years that an independent should win. Republican or Democrat NO WAY.

People are so tired of the political crap that we want and obviously will vote for someone that isn't already in office. Crooked and a liar hell be a politician. Everytime we read about politicians going to jail makes us sick. Donald Trump has issues yes but I think he'd shake things up so much that suddenly all Federal employees would straighten up. He isn't after kick backs he'd get in there and kick ass. Hillary's claim to fame is her husband. Mr bill Clinton is awesome but Hillary is now preaching female this and female that. I think pay scales between males and females need to be 100% equal.

Transgendered people are fine. Gays are fine and straight people are fine. Who cares. I damn sure don't.

In Europe in a public bathroom where there are two one for males and one for females. So the female bathroom has issues and they lock the door. Then everyone goes into the male bathroom. Males use the urinals or a stall and the females use well I guess we're liberated either one. Females use the stalls. Who really cares. It is  what it is.

Rebuild all the roads and bridges and hire the unemployed to do the work. If a new bulldozer can do the work of one hundred people then don't get one. Hire the unemployed and let them do it.

Someone that is maybe already rich. Someone that that wants to help businesses make money to  hire more employees and to help those that can't help themselves.

Audit the unemployment service and make sure those receiving benefits are seriously looking for jobs.

Audit the Medicare system make sure no one is double billing for services.

Audit the way small businesses do business with the Federal Government. Make sure it is fair to everyone that sells to them.

Make sure businesses are doing fair business with everyone. Make the system an opportunity available ton  most anyone that is in business,

The SBA has different sizes of small businesses. Change it so the one or  two  person small business can do business with the Federal Government. Change the small business category to accommodate the real small companies that do less than $250,000.00 a year.

Keep our country safe from the bad guys. Make a way for anyone here illegally to become citizens and pay taxes.

Get rid of machine guns to private citizens.

Bring on the fair tax.

Audit everyone in political office and make sure they are actually doing something and not getting a kick back.

I could go on and will later but I think Mr Cruz is funny. He is freaking out he is losing to Donald Trump. Big announcement his VP is a female. I think he is a jerk. If he was smart his VP should be a African American female.

Scott Disick New Reality Show

Scott Disick new reality show will begin this fall.

Free at last but huge bills for 15 more years..


Seems people that have it made in the shade make big errors.

Don't know till you walk in their shoes BUT I would have been happy as the stay at
home dad in a situation like that.

Plant An Entire Forest Of 1,000,000 Trees A Day

Equipment we developed for precision planting of fields of landmines can be adapted easily for planting trees. There are 2,500 C-130 transport aircraft in 70 countries, so the delivery system for planting forests is widely available – mostly mothballed in military hangers waiting for someone to hire them. The possibilities are amazing. We can fly at 1,000ft at 130 knots planting more than 3,000 cones a minute in a pattern across the landscape – just as we did with landmines, but in this case each cone contains a sapling. That’s 125,000 trees for each sortie and 900,000 trees in a day.

Interesting concept that we should begin very soon. Link
Thank you

Salt water Coversion Drinking Water

California is the first state that has serious drinking water problems. What we must do is figure out a way to harvest sea water and change it to drinking water. The states and or US government needs to fund the industries. Upping the cost of water versus not having water is the answer.

Clear and simple. Cost of doing business as we know it.

Read the following link 

Then this one.

Safe Plants For Dogs

The best website I have ever found.

Check this out.

Thank you


Ebay and Paypal Split

Ebay is an awesome auction house. Almost everything is sold on this website.

Now that Paypal is leaving Ebay as a separate business how will Ebay do?

I think they will raise they're fees and do great .

Think of this where else can you sell whatever to someone in a tiny town anywhere.

Ebay is the broker and they'll stop taking the shipping fees and just charge a flat 20% of the sale.
The 20% should make them enough money and us as well.

Someone ships a $2.00 item and ships the item for the cost of US Postal. A day afterwards Ebay charges the seller a fee to ship the item. Maybe only thirty cents but the sellers looses. That isn't fair.
The seller chooses to mail the item and not use Ebay and they still get charged. Not fair.

BUT what can you do?

Immigrants in Atlanta

Immigration is the movement of people into a country to which they are not native in order to settle there.

I used the title Immigrants in Atlanta. Personal reasons.

I never really understood who they are. Immigrants had no baring on my life. I didn't know an immigrant. I never gave it much thought other than they are in the United States and they from some foreign country. I read that they want jobs. I am sorry about my ignorance towards immigrants. I personally apologize to the immigrants.

We the citizens of the United States of America are all pretty much immigrants. Our heritage is not from the United States. Most of our families came to the United States a few generations ago.

I had a conversation with an immigrant yesterday. Listening to him tell me about a story where as he and seven others decided to leave they're native country and head to the United States. He told me that the bad guys caught them near the border one evening. The group all males were given a simple choice. Accept the bad guys way of lifestyle or Die right now

Three chose to declare they're belief and were immediately butchered. Slaughtered. This man's eyes watered as he told me his story. He was one of the group. He had planned with the other seven how they'd get out. I was in shock that this happened. The remaining five guys were released and finally made it to the United States of America.

Immigrants arrive in America with little or nothing and they seek help from the citizens of America. Most actually have degrees but need jobs and an opportunity. This man told me as he grew up some of his immediate family members were murdered by the bad guys. In some foreign countries this normal. 

We the immigrants of the United States of America should and need to give the the immigrants to the United States of America in this 21st century a chance.
Thank you

Google Self Driving Cars

Take a flight to any major city in the United States. Once you get your bags you continue to the transportation area. Along the curb in public transportation area is an old looking four passenger vehicle.

Google Cab.

The Google cab realizes your standing next to it and the passenger doors unlock and the trunk pops open. Next you toss your luggage into the trunk and tap the close button and down the trunk lids goes. The trunk lids begins to close and then at the last moment a voice asks you to move a suitcase so that the lid can close. The lid closes completely. Green light comes on.

Next you get in and lock the door. A credit card machine is blinking informing you to slide your credit card in the slot or use your Android cell phone and touch it at a sensor.

In a second the modern credit card box voice greets you.

The pleasant voice asks you to state where you are going and a screen asks you to tap the destination to verify. You scroll to the correct match and verify by tapping the address or name.

In another second the little box informs you that you have loaded 65 lbs of luggage in the vehicle and that the distance including baggage weight as well as tolls and so on is $48.00. The voice then asks you to authorize the billing and you tap yes.

Green light turns on and tells you Thank you. The Google vehicle informs you to fasten your seat belts and once that is done the electric car pulls out into traffic at the airport and you zip  along at 38 MPH to your hotel or the set destination.  Along the way the LCD screen displays restaurants and available show times for plays in the area. At any time you can tap the screen for additional information and then get a reservation on line while your riding. Tap the confirm screen and your credit card is charged a $5.00 reservation fee and out prints your reservation confirmation ticket with the name address and the time of your reservation. Twenty minutes later you arrive at the destination and out you go. A receipt prints out for you.

In New York City there are hundreds and hundreds of Google cabs everywhere parked at curbside. The Google cabs are smart and they know when they need to be charged. The cabs merely go to designated charging areas and charge up. No gasoline and not much maintenance.

The Google Cabs are much like the robotic vacuum cleaner that run around your house.

Thank you

What Happened to all my Pictures?

I welcome you to one of my blogs. I would like you to know what happened to the hundreds of pictures I had all over the place on this and other blogs.

I synced my accounts which I did really not understanding what in the hell it mean't.

First let me tell you what I thought it mean't. I thought it would link my contacts and pictures to my Gmail account......Well yes it did in fact all my pictures ended up on my cell phone. Yes on my Android.

The day after the disaster I tried to make a call and the phone beeped and the message stated NOPE not a chance clear up some space then make the call.


I searched and searched my phone and found a few hundred pictures on my cell phone. I began deleting and deleting and on and on. Then I come back to one of my blogs to tell everyone some stupid story and ALL my frigging pictures are gone.

Interesting you may think.

Well hell no everything is synced and as I deleted the pictures from my Android I was actaully deleting them from everywhere.

Great news. One day when I have time I will try to put them back.

Soap box under my desk again.

Thank you



It is now time for EBid to take over the auction industry. Ebay is worried about profits and using the DSR's they have destroyed the small businesses of the world. Low DSR's and the seller looses their 20% discount.

I don't lilke being limited by the DSR's.

Ebid is ready to take over. Do it now before another auction site comes up. Ebid is not the answer.. Nothing else out there like Ebay.
Ebid has the chance to go after it but it seems to me they are not interested.

I now just don't think Ebid can challenge Ebay. They just don't get it. I think now they are just after membership fees. Maybe they should add adsense to it and let it make them money.

Iraq region pleads for US ground troops Iraq needs USA to Help

Key Iraqi region pleads for US ground troops.

I know we've heard this before but we can not turn our backs on the people.

President Obama now will send in US ground troops. This must happen real fast and our troops need to kick some serious ass. I understand that I do not want our military sent into warfare however we can not let the people there be killed by the ISIS.

Drop in about 25,000 ground troops and bring in tanks and full artillery and this time if we every leave install a GPS system in every armored vehicle we have and always monitor the gear.

Sorry to piss off a bunch of people in the United States but everyone knows we have to do this.

Why Doesn't Turkey Cry For Help


Turkish Inaction on ISIS Advance Dismays the U.S. Turkey has not been doing what they need to do and defend their homeland from the ISIS. If they need our help then they need to ask for our help.  Over three million people have lost everything because of the ISIS.

What in the world is going to happen?Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014, at U.N. headquarters.

What Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan needs to do is get on his frigging cell phone or land line and give a call to President Obama. Call him and tell him that everything is all messed up and yes he didn't do what he should have and well Mr ..umm ahh ah President Obama we need your help. 

You see we try to stop crap like this from happening all over the world. We don't want oil but we want you to pay the invoice. Give us a few billion in wire transfers or free oil for a year.Everyone in the United States yes the people get pretty pissed off. We tax payers have to foot the bill of helping everyone in the world and yet most all the countries we try to help eventually forget what we did or just say hey why don't you leave?

I'm probably speaking out of line here but pay the cost on the bombs we're dropping over there at a tune of I forget 1.3 million dollars each. A couple aircraft carriers and F16's and what have you probably will cost you a ten million dollars a day. I could go on but I won't. 

Get your head of your pile of sand and call us to send in ground troops. I don't want the debt the United States is incurring but it makes me sad to hear of the ISIS beheading men, women and children. Driving people from their homes and giving people a choice of death, high taxes or convert to their sick version of religion. 

Sliding my soap box back under my desk.

Read more here:

Turkey, a key backer of the rebels seeking to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad, is under scrutiny for allowing thousands of fighters to cross into Syria across its borders.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014, at U.N. headquarters
Read more here:
Read more here:

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars


Some people have some money and some people have no 
money and some people have way too much money.                                                                 

This isn't about the top 10 most expensive cars but if you 
click on the below link I promise you of kicking entertainment that you will share with people you know.

The following six short movies on YouTube will take you about 15 fifteen minutes to watch them all. The series
begins with a male stepping into a Rolls-Royce Wraith and driving this awesome vehicle eventually into a large field sliding sideways at I'd guess 70 MPH. Click on Link and enjoy then next fifteen minutes. 
The Garden of Wraith 
Thank you


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