Ebay and Paypal Split

Ebay is an awesome auction house. Almost everything is sold on this website.

Now that Paypal is leaving Ebay as a separate business how will Ebay do?

I think they will raise they're fees and do great .

Think of this where else can you sell whatever to someone in a tiny town anywhere.

Ebay is the broker and they'll stop taking the shipping fees and just charge a flat 20% of the sale.
The 20% should make them enough money and us as well.

Someone ships a $2.00 item and ships the item for the cost of US Postal. A day afterwards Ebay charges the seller a fee to ship the item. Maybe only thirty cents but the sellers looses. That isn't fair.
The seller chooses to mail the item and not use Ebay and they still get charged. Not fair.

BUT what can you do?

American Miltary

I do not think personally that you can defend a country or region by dropping bombs alone. US ground troops is what the region needs. Yes it is obvious we have some special forces over there but I think it is time to change our course.

The holy ruins will not stand long once these bad guys are in the region.

I firmly believe we need to step it up and drop 50,000 US sharp shooters and serious combat ready military personal. President Obama I'd like for you as our elected leader to take a different stance of the aggressive actions of these people and stop them.

If 50,000 isn't enough then how about 100,000. Once the bad guys are pushed back far away then we can once again reduce our presence in that area.

Thank you

Southeast Polk Junior High

Bullied 12-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide After School Allegedly Tells Students To 'Toughen Up'.

Alyssa Morgan was just 12 years old when she committed suicide in her home in Pleasant Hill, Iowa on April 3rd. Her mom, Nicole, is speaking out against the middle school that she says, didn't protect her daughter when she was bullied for being bisexual. She contacted her local TV station, KCCI, because she feels Alyssa's story needs to be told.

Southeast Polk Community School District Associate Principal Nathan Ballagh is an idiot.

According to KCCI, this is actually the 15th suicide at that school in just 12 years. It seems like the school still has a lot of "stepping up" to do, and needs to rethink the way they handle bullying, especially with LBGTQ kids who may be too ashamed to seek help. Any child needing help read this.

POPMoney Will Destroy Paypal

POPMoney Will Destroy Paypal

Someone wants to pay me money and use POPMoney.

April 14th at 2PM I began to figure out what in the world is this all about.
I've heard of Paypal but what the heck is POPMoney?

Well I have linked a YouTube video.

Using a cell phone number or an email and away you go.
The bank account you use does not have to be set up for online banking.

Costs them .95 each transaction. Less than a dollar sure beats Paypal.

It is great Paypal is separate from Ebay.

Just as slow as Paypal so they are making money off the money sitting in they're account interest free. I don't care really just save me money on the fees.

Thank you

LINK One                   

LINK Two                

Thank You

Immigrants in Atlanta

Immigration is the movement of people into a country to which they are not native in order to settle there.

I used the title Immigrants in Atlanta. Personal reasons.

I never really understood who they are. Immigrants had no baring on my life. I didn't know an immigrant. I never gave it much thought other than they are in the United States and they from some foreign country. I read that they want jobs. I am sorry about my ignorance towards immigrants. I personally apologize to the immigrants.

We the citizens of the United States of America are all pretty much immigrants. Our heritage is not from the United States. Most of our families came to the United States a few generations ago.

I had a conversation with an immigrant yesterday. Listening to him tell me about a story where as he and seven others decided to leave they're native country and head to the United States. He told me that the bad guys caught them near the border one evening. The group all males were given a simple choice. Accept the bad guys way of lifestyle or Die right now

Three chose to declare they're belief and were immediately butchered. Slaughtered. This man's eyes watered as he told me his story. He was one of the group. He had planned with the other seven how they'd get out. I was in shock that this happened. The remaining five guys were released and finally made it to the United States of America.

Immigrants arrive in America with little or nothing and they seek help from the citizens of America. Most actually have degrees but need jobs and an opportunity. This man told me as he grew up some of his immediate family members were murdered by the bad guys. In some foreign countries this normal. 

We the immigrants of the United States of America should and need to give the the immigrants to the United States of America in this 21st century a chance.
Thank you

Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear Bring Him Back

Yes he needs to come back. If the BBC punishes him we will punish the BBC and stop watching the BBC in the United States.
Everyone has their opinions no one cares. Did you lose any sponsors BBC? Promise you the viewers will increase and you'll now make more money.

Top Gear Link top Bring him back.

Thank you

Google Self Driving Cars

Take a flight to any major city in the United States. Once you get your bags you continue to the transportation area. Along the curb in public transportation area is an old looking four passenger vehicle.

Google Cab.

The Google cab realizes your standing next to it and the passenger doors unlock and the trunk pops open. Next you toss your luggage into the trunk and tap the close button and down the trunk lids goes. The trunk lids begins to close and then at the last moment a voice asks you to move a suitcase so that the lid can close. The lid closes completely. Green light comes on.

Next you get in and lock the door. A credit card machine is blinking informing you to slide your credit card in the slot or use your Android cell phone and touch it at a sensor.

In a second the modern credit card box voice greets you.

The pleasant voice asks you to state where you are going and a screen asks you to tap the destination to verify. You scroll to the correct match and verify by tapping the address or name.

In another second the little box informs you that you have loaded 65 lbs of luggage in the vehicle and that the distance including baggage weight as well as tolls and so on is $48.00. The voice then asks you to authorize the billing and you tap yes.

Green light turns on and tells you Thank you. The Google vehicle informs you to fasten your seat belts and once that is done the electric car pulls out into traffic at the airport and you zip  along at 38 MPH to your hotel or the set destination.  Along the way the LCD screen displays restaurants and available show times for plays in the area. At any time you can tap the screen for additional information and then get a reservation on line while your riding. Tap the confirm screen and your credit card is charged a $5.00 reservation fee and out prints your reservation confirmation ticket with the name address and the time of your reservation. Twenty minutes later you arrive at the destination and out you go. A receipt prints out for you.

In New York City there are hundreds and hundreds of Google cabs everywhere parked at curbside. The Google cabs are smart and they know when they need to be charged. The cabs merely go to designated charging areas and charge up. No gasoline and not much maintenance.

The Google Cabs are much like the robotic vacuum cleaner that run around your house.

Thank you

What Happened to all my Pictures?

I welcome you to one of my blogs. I would like you to know what happened to the hundreds of pictures I had all over the place on this and other blogs.

I synced my accounts which I did really not understanding what in the hell it mean't.

First let me tell you what I thought it mean't. I thought it would link my contacts and pictures to my Gmail account......Well yes it did in fact all my pictures ended up on my cell phone. Yes on my Android.

The day after the disaster I tried to make a call and the phone beeped and the message stated NOPE not a chance clear up some space then make the call.


I searched and searched my phone and found a few hundred pictures on my cell phone. I began deleting and deleting and on and on. Then I come back to one of my blogs to tell everyone some stupid story and ALL my frigging pictures are gone.

Interesting you may think.

Well hell no everything is synced and as I deleted the pictures from my Android I was actaully deleting them from everywhere.

Great news. One day when I have time I will try to put them back.

Soap box under my desk again.

Thank you



It is now time for EBid to take over the auction industry. Ebay is worried about profits and using the DSR's they have destroyed the small businesses of the world. Low DSR's and the seller looses their 20% discount.

I don't lilke being limited by the DSR's.

Ebid is ready to take over. Do it now before another auction site comes up. Ebid is not the answer.. Nothing else out there like Ebay.
Ebid has the chance to go after it but it seems to me they are not interested.

I now just don't think Ebid can challenge Ebay. They just don't get it. I think now they are just after membership fees. Maybe they should add adsense to it and let it make them money.

Iraq region pleads for US ground troops Iraq needs USA to Help

Key Iraqi region pleads for US ground troops.

I know we've heard this before but we can not turn our backs on the people.

President Obama now will send in US ground troops. This must happen real fast and our troops need to kick some serious ass. I understand that I do not want our military sent into warfare however we can not let the people there be killed by the ISIS.

Drop in about 25,000 ground troops and bring in tanks and full artillery and this time if we every leave install a GPS system in every armored vehicle we have and always monitor the gear.

Sorry to piss off a bunch of people in the United States but everyone knows we have to do this.

Why Doesn't Turkey Cry For Help


Turkish Inaction on ISIS Advance Dismays the U.S. Turkey has not been doing what they need to do and defend their homeland from the ISIS. If they need our help then they need to ask for our help.  Over three million people have lost everything because of the ISIS.

What in the world is going to happen?Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014, at U.N. headquarters.

What Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan needs to do is get on his frigging cell phone or land line and give a call to President Obama. Call him and tell him that everything is all messed up and yes he didn't do what he should have and well Mr ..umm ahh ah President Obama we need your help. 

You see we try to stop crap like this from happening all over the world. We don't want oil but we want you to pay the invoice. Give us a few billion in wire transfers or free oil for a year.Everyone in the United States yes the people get pretty pissed off. We tax payers have to foot the bill of helping everyone in the world and yet most all the countries we try to help eventually forget what we did or just say hey why don't you leave?

I'm probably speaking out of line here but pay the cost on the bombs we're dropping over there at a tune of I forget 1.3 million dollars each. A couple aircraft carriers and F16's and what have you probably will cost you a ten million dollars a day. I could go on but I won't. 

Get your head of your pile of sand and call us to send in ground troops. I don't want the debt the United States is incurring but it makes me sad to hear of the ISIS beheading men, women and children. Driving people from their homes and giving people a choice of death, high taxes or convert to their sick version of religion. 

Sliding my soap box back under my desk.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/09/24/5197070/turkish-leader-slams-un-security.html#.VDScWWddXTo#storylink=cpy

Turkey, a key backer of the rebels seeking to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad, is under scrutiny for allowing thousands of fighters to cross into Syria across its borders.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014, at U.N. headquarters
Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/09/24/5197070/turkish-leader-slams-un-security.html#.VDScWWddXTo#storylink=cpy
Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/09/24/5197070/turkish-leader-slams-un-security.html#.VDScWWddXTo#storylink=cpy

Tax The Rich


Some people have some money and some people have no 
money and some people have way too much money.                                                                 

The following six short movies on YouTube will take you about 15 fifteen minutes to watch them all. The series
 begins with a male stepping into a Rolls-Royce Wraith and driving this Awesome vehicle eventually into a large field sliding sideways at I'd guess 70 MPH. Click on Link and enjoy then next fifteen minutes. 
The Garden of Wraith 
Thank you

Ebay Competition

Google Auctions 2015

Any issues with the fees and costs passed on to all sellers. A profit organization yes it is. Huge amounts of revenue at really no risk to themselves.

The sellers pay so much it is nuts. Ebay even charges a fee of the shipping so if you price shipping correctly and intend on not making money on the shipping then you'll take a hit. If you do not use Ebay to ship you are still charged a fee. Ridiculous.  Like charging a credit card handling fee even when you pay cash. The higher you price shipping the more Ebay takes.

Occasionally Ebay sends out a questionnaire asking if you think their policy on shipping is bad. What the hell do you think? They are arrogant beyond belief. They also ask if you'd recommend friends and anyone else to sell on Ebay. Sure why not. I answer yes because they're is no where else to sell. 

Ebay is a platform. It is a somewhat fair place to list pretty much anything and sell it at some price. What Ebay needs is real competition. 
Search Engines have competition: Google, Yahoo, MSN and so on. Ebay has no competition that even comes close. Who then could cause them havoc?

Google Auctions.

They have Google wallet. Google has the high tech power and funding to actually pull it off.

Google could create their own on the Ebay template. It wouldn't be that big of a deal and we the Ebayer's of the world would welcome that. Google can run their little ads all over the place on Google Auctions. Google seems to have thought that if you give it to them free they will come and well they're stock prices show that is true.

Google could charge a 10% of the total sales price.

That's it. Then use their ads everywhere. They could if they wanted to offer no ads on some sellers products for a $5.00 a month fee. 

Bring it on Google.

Well I searched and found this. Sounds interesting and even uses Paypal. So maybe Ebay will go away and be reduced to just an internet bank. Maybe that's why they do not want to spin off Paypal because Ebay will go away.
Now I have learned Ebay will spin off Paypal and leave the fold. Ebay is perfect for someone to take over. Alibaba has a healthy amount of cash.  The financials state the Alibaba will want them but I think it is a shame. 

Ebay needs to focus on Ebay. Sellers and Buyers. Give everyone a break and screw the stock holders. They got the cash to build the computer data centers and get back on the right road. I think the actually can be a like a broker and take 10% flat of every sale. PERIOD. Leave shipping alone and let us sellers to what we do best which is find things to sell and let the buyers buy. 

Read this

Fake Cellphone Towers

Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers Are Intercepting Calls All Over The US.

Sometimes the obvious isn't real.

Seventeen fake cellphone towers were discovered across the U.S. last week.

Are we that stupid?

Doesn't someone or some Federal Department check all this out?

I don't get it.


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